Much ado about lymphatic drainage massage after having a tummy tuck, liposuction, or BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Have you recently had liposuction or BBL surgery and recovering in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area? Deep Tissue Diva, LLC can help you accelerate your results from your cosmetic procedure.

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is a vital part of recovery from surgical procedures that remove or replace body fat. When surgery takes place, the lymph channels in the body are disrupted and need time to recover, thus making the body retain fluid, causing pressure and swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage is the best way to speed up the recovery process, by way of manually draining lymph from the body.

Gentle massage strokes are applied in the direction in which the lymph channels drain excess fluid from the body. This massage technique should not be deep enough to feel in the muscles. It can be slightly uncomfortable, but should not cause pain. Many clients report that they can feel the difference in their body immediately after the session.

The first week after surgery, lymphatic massage can be done daily. After the second week, it can be done every other day. You cannot receive too much lymphatic massage. The more frequent the sessions, the quicker the body returns to normal function.

Tips for recovery:

Have someone help with care for the first few weeks at home.

Get lymphatic massage from Deep Tissue Diva until the swelling is gone.

Drink lots of fluids.

Take Arnica Montana tablets to decrease bruising.

Wear your compression garments for the first three months after surgery.

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